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You will be astounded when you and your friends, or other people in the room become Comedy Hypnotist: 3168part of the hypnotist show.

Watch them be totaly convinced that they are famous singers or dancers or other ridiculous things, much to the amusement of the audience.

In a Boogieland comedy stage hypnotist show, the stars of the show are the audience making a hilarious show that you will always remember.

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Party Hypnotist Humberside, Ref: 665Featured Entertainer
Party Hypnotist: 665Party Hypnotist Humberside, Ref: 665
Are you looking for something truly different for your event? If you want your event or venue to be talked about for a long time then look no further than the amazing world of this entertainer.
Customer Testimonials
Comedy Hypnotist South Yorkshire, Ref: 178img I am delighted with how the evening went and having you there was instrumental to the success of the night. Everyone has been talking about how good the evening was, the show was very funny! You also offer excellent value for money img Michael Gladstone
Comedy Hypnotist West Yorkshire, Ref: 1321img We were astounded by the way this mind master could influence the people brave enough to get involved! A thoroughly enjoyable experience and one great night out to remember. img Sam
Comedy Hypnotist Yorkshire-North, Ref: 363img You are one funny guy img
Comedy Hypnotist Cheshire, Ref: 2269img Extraordinary img James Whale