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You will be astounded when you and your friends, or other people in the room become Comedy Hypnotist: 1863part of the hypnotist show.

Watch them be totaly convinced that they are famous singers or dancers or other ridiculous things, much to the amusement of the audience.

In a Boogieland comedy stage hypnotist show, the stars of the show are the audience making a hilarious show that you will always remember.

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Party Hypnotist Cheshire, Ref: 2269Featured Entertainer
Party Hypnotist: 2269Party Hypnotist Cheshire, Ref: 2269
This amazing Stage Hypnotist's entertaining career has spanned over twenty five years and during that time he has hypnotised many thousands of stars worldwide. He lays claim to be one of the great masters of the art and is in his own right a star of television and theatre both in the UK and overseas.
Customer Testimonials
Comedy Hypnotist Carmarthenshire, Ref: 3213img The show was hilarious and in certain this could not be staged as I know the people who were hypnotized extremely well! My wife loved it and she was also a non-believer. Incredible to watch I must admit and since the show many people have contacted the charity to ask if he can perform for them. One thing Id like to add is his on-stage team img Tom Shaw
Comedy Hypnotist South Yorkshire, Ref: 178img we were extremely impressed by your skills and the quality of the show surpassed our (high!) expectations img Andrew Evans
Comedy Hypnotist Cheshire, Ref: 2269img Brilliant img Derek Acorah
Comedy Hypnotist Dorset, Ref: 3168img He amazed and astounded all and really made our special day that bit more magical and has been a real talking point from the day. img Kate Adams, Bride