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You will be astounded when you and your friends, or other people in the room become Comedy Hypnotist: 1321part of the hypnotist show.

Watch them be totaly convinced that they are famous singers or dancers or other ridiculous things, much to the amusement of the audience.

In a Boogieland comedy stage hypnotist show, the stars of the show are the audience making a hilarious show that you will always remember.

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Party Hypnotist Yorkshire-North, Ref: 363Featured Entertainer
Party Hypnotist: 363Party Hypnotist Yorkshire-North, Ref: 363
The UK`s first outrageous comedy hypnotist. A record holder with 18 years at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The only hypnotist to sell out completely 1200 seats for a full summer season Royaltiy Theatre Great Yarmouth.
Customer Testimonials
Comedy Hypnotist Angus, Ref: 1863img I can't believe what myself and everyone at the Union have just seen your show is Great I just can't believe that you as an Entertainer have never been on T.V. all I could say is you should be Can't wait till you come back you are out of this world Once again thank you for a great night img Scott
Comedy Hypnotist Cheshire, Ref: 2269img Well Done img Graham Norton
Comedy Hypnotist Cheshire, Ref: 2269img Amazing img Esther Rantzen
Comedy Hypnotist Yorkshire-North, Ref: 363img What a funny act, fantastic img