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You will be astounded when you and your friends, or other people in the room become Comedy Hypnotist: 298part of the hypnotist show.

Watch them be totaly convinced that they are famous singers or dancers or other ridiculous things, much to the amusement of the audience.

In a Boogieland comedy stage hypnotist show, the stars of the show are the audience making a hilarious show that you will always remember.

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Party Hypnotist Tyne-Wear, Ref: 365Featured Entertainer
Party Hypnotist: 365Party Hypnotist Tyne-Wear, Ref: 365
A professional comedy hypnotist. He knows what he's doing and how to do it for maximum entertainment! Combining his incredible, fast hypnotic powers with his natural comic wit and a cavalcade of comedy sketches he weaves a hilarious and unforgettable show.
Customer Testimonials
Comedy Hypnotist Lancashire, Ref: 2737img The Hypnotic Show at Tapton Bar, Sheffield University with International Hypnotist The show was brilliant! The induction went very well and the student audience bar 1 exceptionwere extremely well behaved. They clapped, cheered and laughed as the volunteers gave it their all on stage. He gave the volunteers all sorts of imaginative suggestions. They were thunderbird puppets, they laughed their socks off at what they thought was the funniest film they had ever seen in their life, they spoke Japanese and translated into English, the girls became shakiras and the boys became members of the full monty, they became disgusted with the smell that seemed to be emanating from the person next to them img Jonathon
Comedy Hypnotist South Yorkshire, Ref: 178img I just want to say thanks again for an amazing show, he was a true professional working under adverse conditions at a venue that was frankly too small for an entertainer of his talent. We all really enjoyed the performance and the guys who were hypnotised seemed to have enjoyed it all to. Fantastic. A never to be forgotten experience. David Parkinson. img dashcomputer
Comedy Hypnotist Lincolnshire, Ref: 1622img One of the best entertainment's we have ever had. img BRITISH TELECOM
Comedy Hypnotist West Yorkshire, Ref: 1321img That was actually the funniest hour of my life, BRILLIANT! img John