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You will be astounded when you and your friends, or other people in the room become Comedy Hypnotist: 3213part of the hypnotist show.

Watch them be totaly convinced that they are famous singers or dancers or other ridiculous things, much to the amusement of the audience.

In a Boogieland comedy stage hypnotist show, the stars of the show are the audience making a hilarious show that you will always remember.

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Party Hypnotist Yorkshire-North, Ref: 363Featured Entertainer
Party Hypnotist: 363Party Hypnotist Yorkshire-North, Ref: 363
The UK`s first outrageous comedy hypnotist. A record holder with 18 years at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The only hypnotist to sell out completely 1200 seats for a full summer season Royaltiy Theatre Great Yarmouth.
Customer Testimonials
Comedy Hypnotist Carmarthenshire, Ref: 3213img I would like to thank you for doing an amazing show, u had us totally enthralled and crying with laughter, everyone has said how much fun it was and we cant wait for the next one!!!!!! img Sue Morgan
Comedy Hypnotist Glamorgan, Ref: 167img We have had others in the past, no one comes near him, the show is the best we have booked, how he puts them under so quick "its amazing" and the stunts are so funny img Terry Boyce
Comedy Hypnotist Lancashire, Ref: 2737img Absolutely brilliant a really good show & Steve is fantastic. Highly recommend him. Thank you so much. img Amanda W.
Comedy Hypnotist Angus, Ref: 1863img Well I can't believe that this Hypnotist is not on the T.V. I have watched Paul McKenna show a few times over the years but this Guy is out there, Sorry Paul no match, He is Funny, Fast, very Clever, and never takes it to far if you have not seen this Hypnotist do yourself a favour go I promise you will not leave the Theatre unhappy, He will have your sides sore with laughter, He is worth every penny I would just like to say that it is about time that wee seen shows as good as this in Dundee And a big thank you to the Manager of the Whitehall for bringing this Chap to the Theatre well done , I will definitely be back img Ian Preston